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Active Education Production

A child centred program and Educational Learning Expose of ideas. We offer exciting and fun-loving programs allowing children to explore their learning styles, learning how to be an integrated and fascinated learner.

At Active Education, we have designed a range of products to help parents and their children in understanding the concept of early education. We understand that teaching a young kid is very difficult. Whether it is about reading a word or reciting a counting, parents face difficulties. We are here to provide you with all the important knowledge via our products and programs so that you can teach your kids in a fun way.

Tutoring Individual/Small Group at Bribie Island

Using her experience as a Specialist Teacher in Education, John works with children and parents in therapy to assess learning difficulties and work with proven intervention strategies to modify learning and improve the child’s strategies to incorporate new concepts and link knowledge to their prior learning. As the child begins to connect to the new learning paradigm they can then more effectively add on new concepts and build learning maps much more rapidly. The key is to find out the strengths and the weaknesses then work out how to effectively link the known to the unknown. John calls this digging trenches or building bridges depending on the child’s own learning style.

What We Offer
Active Education Professional Development for Schools,Teachers, Teacher Aides

The training for Teachers and Teacher Aides is specifically for schools or those people who are interested in volunteering at a school or are working towards becoming a Teacher Aide. Programs PD certificates are provided for Teachers and Teacher Aides upon request. This training is supplied by registered trainers with TAE qualification. Both trainers have extensive experience in delivering quality programs to teachers, teacher aides and parents in a school setting and in VET programs with Registered Training Authorities.

Active Education Parent Seminar

Our seminars overview the importance of understanding the learning environment and your child’s learning strategies including processing visual, auditory and kineasthetic modes. You will gain an understanding of how the integration of this process in the brain is paramount to how your child’s ability to learn, communicate and problem solve. Further the importance of linking learning to prior knowledge, making it fun and removing issues around homework and projects. Keep learning fun, easy and simple.

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