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At Active Education, we take immense pride in offering a comprehensive range of earl learning courses and guidance programs for both parents and children.

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Active Education is a company devoted to providing parents and educators opportunities to learn how to support a child’s learning journey. Learning can and should be a fun adventure where the learner is quickly and easily able to grasp new ideas and link them onto previously learnt information. I refer to this as using their treasure chest of knowledge or prior learning. Using the child’s strengths as a place of beginning the journey is the most powerful tool I know to success. Success breeds success is an old adage which holds true for clear learning processes.

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Our New Concept for Early Learning
Why did Active Education Begin?

Active Education began because many parents and teachers in my professional roles; as a Learning Support teacher, Special Educator and Reading Recovery teacher, asked us the same questions over and over. Being a founder of this education centre, I decided to introduce fun-loving, entertaining and engaging early learning methods for small kids and toddlers. Our sole objective is to keep kids engaged and learn basic things, such as reading words and sentences, writing and simple maths methods.

What about Specialist Support?

We have based our courses and programs around up to date research based information, what we have found that works with children we’ve had the pleasure to mentor. We have included information on visual, auditory and kineasthetic processing and brain integration as these processes working freely allow the child to interact with their learning in a very self empowering way.

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