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Miss Jane’s Room: A Learning Journey


Introducing Miss Jane & Miss Jane’s Room …

… with some of her playful characters, Tania and Joe.

A fun place for children and parents to enjoy educational stories.



A Child’s Learning Journey with Active Education

Something opens our wings.
Something makes boredom and hurt disappear.
Someone fills the cup in front of us.
We taste only sacredness.

Learning for a child should be a fun adventure where they quickly and easily grasp new ideas. As children learn new tasks they begin to search for similar knowledge, tasks or skills previously learnt and then apply this information to help them continue to develop their learning journey.  Linking learning with other things already known changes a child’s perception, empowers them and therefore they learn more with ease.

John works with babies, toddlers, pre school age, school children and teenagers. She also works with families and adults to support a holistic development of learning, perception and brain integration. Her high level of skill in working with families has been built from her personal parenting journey and years in public education along with her clinical knowledge in Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is the science of studying the physiological, biomechanical, psychological dynamic principles and mechanisms of a human body. John’s knowledge of this science enables her to figure the root cause of our child’s non-performance.

What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.

George Bernard Shaw

At Active Education we provide parents and educators with practical stress-free ideas to support a child’s learning journey. All parents and guardians want to know that their child is doing well at school. You want to know that your child understands how to read, write, problem solve and process information. But sometimes children struggle with the art of learning and processing information. So, don’t be discouraged. Every child is unique and requires attention. With time and the proper techniques, any child can improve. Every flower blooms at its own speed. It only requires the right balance of sunlight, water, shade, and care.

Has your child recently received a report

highlighting that you may need to

seek more learning support for them?

Our simple techniques empower parents on how to assist their child in learning how to read, write, do mathematics, and much more. Whether your child is at Prep or Grade 7 if you want to create a positive and effective learning environment at home and assist them without any arguments then give me a call today. This step will be instrumental in your child’s growth in life and at school. He/she will not feel left behind and will be able to compete with their classmates with confidence.

Teachers at Active Education focuses on providing a positive environment that goes behind the expectations of the conventional classroom. We believe that a toddler is a natural leaner and can easily grasp new things in a fun and exciting ways. Our teachers aim at establishing self-esteem, confidence and independence in our students. We also organise cultural events, fun-loving activities and games to let children know each other and develop their social as well as learning skills. We emphasise on nurturing the natural curiosity of the kids via our specially crafted environment and modern-age classrooms. For more details, contact Active Education today.

Tutoring: Individual and Small Group (@Bribie Island)

John provides 1:1 tutoring and small group tuition.

Her experience as a special educator

and student with learning difficulties teacher,

Reading Recovery teacher

and Kinesiologist

means she can easily support your child to enhance their learning,

provide effective intervention and diagnose suspected learning issues for referral if required.

John also runs small group social skills, fine motor and gross motor programs

in age appropriate groups.

She has years of experience that helps her gain insights into a child’s psyche. With her insights, John devises an action plan that is customized according to the child’s needs. This special treatment allows the child to flourish and get motivated to learn more, read more, and have fun while doing these activities.

Please see below Parent friendly simple, effective, practical ideas you can incorporate in you home to enhance learning. Click on SPECIAL to purchase.

Maths: Practical Ideas for Parents Special $1

Reading: Practical Ideas for Parents  Special $1

Reading: Practical Ideas for Parents  Special $1

“Clear Pathways for Kid’s Learning: A Parent Guidebook Special $10

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My daughter, in Year 7, was lacking confidence and was struggling at school. 

Thanks to John, within 10 weeks my daughter’s teacher has commented on more class involvement and greater confidence. The writing strategies that John taught were invaluable for the recent NAPLAN. 

I have booked another 10 lessons with John to allow my daughter to progress further with confidence

and improve her grades as she will be starting High School next year.

Look forward to seeing you next Wednesday 18th May.

Kind regards

Testimonial: Sherryl Jennings (Parent)

Buy 10 online tutoring sessions to save $100 

Individual sessions

Small group sessions 2 to 4 children maximum (Age 5-6years/6-8 years /8-10years/11 -13years)

Buy 10 online tutoring sessions to save $75

How can I explain

the difference 5 weeks or 10 lessons can make?

Testimonial:  by Sharon Rogerson (Parent)

My daughter struggled with reading right from the first attempt in Grade 1. She didn’t like it and it didn’t make any sense to her, everything we tried seemed to fail. By the end of Grade 1 with the assistance of her teachers, the dedication of the parent volunteers, and her father and I reading with her every night we finally got to level 8, close to the benchmark for the end of Year 1. She struggled with her level 8 books and there was no anticipation of a new book to read, it was regarded with dread and quite regularly tears.

Now in Grade 2 and I was informed that she would be having extra reading sessions with another teacher. After the first 2 sessions I noticed a remarkable improvement. Then to my surprise, the next week my daughter was reading fluently not asking for help, except on the really hard words, trying to work it out for herself. In fact  you could say she had confidence in her ability to read. This was even more remarkable when I found out that she had not read the book before, not even with the tutor John. A couple of days later she was in her bedroom and called out to me, she had just noticed all the great books she had in her room. (Those books have been there for a very long time but she refused to even look at them). She and I sat down on the floor and looked through them together and even read a couple.

I know that this reading tutoring program has made such a difference to my daughter, her confidence in reading, her belief that she can at least give it a go. Now she tries to read everything, signs, the junk mail, subtitles on movies and her birthday cards. She actually looks forward to her reading homework and wants to do it before anything else. I can not express my gratitude to John and her tutoring program. Every child who struggles with reading will benefit by being included in this program, it makes such a huge difference. It made a huge difference to my daughter.

Again I can’t thank John enough.

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Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

Small Group Session Information (@Bribie Island)

$20 per child for 40min Group Session Buy Online

Small group sessions minimum 2 maximum 4 children (Age Appropriately Grouped: 5-6years/ 6-8 years/ 8-10years/ 11-13years)


Placement made on ability level, curriculum requirement eg Maths/Reading/Writing/Language, age appropriateness, social adeptness to group work.

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