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A Child's Learning Journey with Active Education

Something opens our wings.
Something makes boredom and hurt disappear.
Someone fills the cup in front of us.
We taste only sacredness.


Learning for a child should be a fun adventure where they quickly and easily grasp new ideas. As children learn new tasks they begin to search for similar knowledge, tasks or skills previously learnt and then apply this information to help them continue to develop their learning journey.  Linking learning with other things already known changes a child’s perception, empowers them and therefore they learn more with ease.

John works with babies, toddlers, pre school age, school children and teenagers. She also works with families and adults to support a holistic development of learning, perception and brain integration. Her high level of skill in working with families has been built from her personal parenting journey and years in public education along with her clinical knowledge in Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is the science of studying the physiological, biomechanical, psychological dynamic principles and mechanisms of a human body. John’s knowledge of this science enables her to figure the root cause of our child’s non-performance.


What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.

George Bernard Shaw


At Active Education we provide parents and educators with practical stress-free ideas to support a child’s learning journey. All parents and guardians want to know that their child is doing well at school. You want to know that your child understands how to read, write, problem solve and process information. But sometimes children struggle with the art of learning and processing information. So, don’t be discouraged. Every child is unique and requires attention. With time and the proper techniques, any child can improve. Every flower blooms at its own speed. It only requires the right balance of sunlight, water, shade, and care.

Has your child recently received a report

highlighting that you may need to

seek more learning support for them?

Our simple techniques empower parents on how to assist their child in learning how to read, write, do mathematics, and much more. Whether your child is at Prep or Grade 7 if you want to create a positive and effective learning environment at home and assist them without any arguments then give me a call today. This step will be instrumental in your child’s growth in life and at school. He/she will not feel left behind and will be able to compete with their classmates with confidence.


Tutoring: Individual and Small Group (@Bribie Island)

John provides 1:1 tutoring and small group tuition.

Her experience as a special educator

and student with learning difficulties teacher,

Reading Recovery teacher

and Kinesiologist

means she can easily support your child to enhance their learning,

provide effective intervention and diagnose suspected learning issues for referral if required. 

John also runs small group social skills, fine motor and gross motor programs

in age appropriate groups.

She has years of experience that helps her gain insights into a child's psyche. With her insights, John devises an action plan that is customized according to the child's needs. This special treatment allows the child to flourish and get motivated to learn more, read more, and have fun while doing these activities.

Please see below Parent friendly simple, effective, practical ideas you can incorporate in you home to enhance learning. Click on SPECIAL to purchase.

Maths: Practical Ideas for Parents Special $1

Reading: Practical Ideas for Parents  Special $1

Reading: Practical Ideas for Parents  Special $1

"Clear Pathways for Kid's Learning: A Parent Guidebook Special $10

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My daughter, in Year 7, was lacking confidence and was struggling at school. 


Thanks to John, within 10 weeks my daughter’s teacher has commented on more class involvement and greater confidence. The writing strategies that John taught were invaluable for the recent NAPLAN. 


I have booked another 10 lessons with John to allow my daughter to progress further with confidence

and improve her grades as she will be starting High School next year.

Look forward to seeing you next Wednesday 18th May.

Kind regards

Testimonial: Sherryl Jennings (Parent)


Buy 10 online tutoring sessions to save $100 

Individual sessions

Small group sessions 2 to 4 children maximum (Age 5-6years/6-8 years /8-10years/11 -13years)

Buy 10 online tutoring sessions to save $75


How can I explain

the difference 5 weeks or 10 lessons can make?

Testimonial:  by Sharon Rogerson (Parent)

My daughter struggled with reading right from the first attempt in Grade 1. She didn't like it and it didn't make any sense to her, everything we tried seemed to fail. By the end of Grade 1 with the assistance of her teachers, the dedication of the parent volunteers, and her father and I reading with her every night we finally got to level 8, close to the benchmark for the end of Year 1. She struggled with her level 8 books and there was no anticipation of a new book to read, it was regarded with dread and quite regularly tears.

Now in Grade 2 and I was informed that she would be having extra reading sessions with another teacher. After the first 2 sessions I noticed a remarkable improvement. Then to my surprise, the next week my daughter was reading fluently not asking for help, except on the really hard words, trying to work it out for herself. In fact  you could say she had confidence in her ability to read. This was even more remarkable when I found out that she had not read the book before, not even with the tutor John. A couple of days later she was in her bedroom and called out to me, she had just noticed all the great books she had in her room. (Those books have been there for a very long time but she refused to even look at them). She and I sat down on the floor and looked through them together and even read a couple.

I know that this reading tutoring program has made such a difference to my daughter, her confidence in reading, her belief that she can at least give it a go. Now she tries to read everything, signs, the junk mail, subtitles on movies and her birthday cards. She actually looks forward to her reading homework and wants to do it before anything else. I can not express my gratitude to John and her tutoring program. Every child who struggles with reading will benefit by being included in this program, it makes such a huge difference. It made a huge difference to my daughter.

Again I can't thank John enough.

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Frequently Asked Questions Answered!


Small Group Session Information (@Bribie Island)

$20 per child for 40min Group Session Buy Online

Small group sessions minimum 2 maximum 4 children (Age Appropriately Grouped: 5-6years/ 6-8 years/ 8-10years/ 11-13years)


Placement made on ability level, curriculum requirement eg Maths/Reading/Writing/Language, age appropriateness, social adeptness to group work.


 Why does Active Education work?


 It’s because we give you practical advice on:

  • professional therapy and tutoring
  • parent courses that are fun and effective
  • how to make homework a fun activity you share and enjoy with your child
  • how to motivate your child to want to learn
  • how to make learning at home connect easily to school learning
  • how to link prior learning and knowledge to your child’s current learning
  • how to integrate all learning styles to make it easy for your child to learn
  • the exact prompts and language to use to easily get your child reading and writing effortlessly
  • simple techniques that you can include in your family day that reinforce and teach your child
  • ways to use real life situations to teach your children maths measurement concepts
  • nutrition which will assist your child to learn more effectively
  • how the brain works to help children learn
  • professional staff training at school
  • John is happy to discuss issues with you over the phone or by email


Special Trial Kinesiology Sessions only $40 (40mins)

John works with both adults and children. This trial session offers you the opportunity to experience Kinesiology. For parents often the stresses of worrying about the child's issues is enough to create more problems for the child to cope with. By clearing your fears and worries you can grasp effective parenting strategies offered by John and move forward at greater speed with the learning journey.

For children Kinesiology can quickly, drug free intervention that can clear learning blockages in the brain and bring the child back to an integrated, balanced place so that learning is 'easy peasy'. John can work directly with language, reading, gross and fine motor issues, maths problem solving, social issues and put the plug in the sink so that when good teaching is applied the sink fills and the child's learning journey is made easier. The lights go on and the child will be less stressed, more confident and happier. Their learning journey will like a jigsaw be built quicker, with more ease and at the completed project, task, day at school, homework session you will have smiles instead of tears! Parents you don't want to be crying, neither do your children.

Balance your family through Kinesiology. Trial sessions are only $40.

Buy a Trial Session Now

Contact John to discuss how Kinesiology can help you and your child

Read more about Kinesiology

Pension Card Holders $35 (30mins)

As part of my commitment to offer a service to as many children and adults as possible there is now a new option. This special is for a strictly limited time and bookings are essential to avoid disappointment. Kinesiology is a fast effective way to support the bodies natural instinct to work to heal itself. Kinesiology offers you the opportunity to quickly and effectively understand the blocks standing in your way, whether they be emotional, physical or chemical. As a therapist recovery techniques are used in conjunction to muscle monitoring. Basically your body tells the therapist what it needs. It is simple, effective and pain free.  These Special Trial sessions are 40minutes in duration and give you a taste of how kinesiology works for you or your child.

For Pension Card holders I am offering $35 for a 30minute sessions. You must mention this at your appointment booking time and bring your pension card each session. This also applies for low income parents who hold a pension card and would like to get work for themselves or their children. This is my commitment to service all persons interested in improving their circumstances through kinesiology balances.

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Training for Parents, Teachers and Teacher Aides

Active Education courses are based around questions educators and parents asked me again and again. The courses and the 'Clear Pathways for Kids Learning' book is based on up-to-date research and proven techniques that work for all children. Courses for parents are run regularly. They provide you with skills to use immediately with your child. Techniques are simple and effective and children love them. Training information is more fully discussed here 

The training for Teachers and Teacher Aides is specifically for schools or those people who are interested in volunteering at a school or are working towards becoming a Teacher Aide. Programs PD certificates are provided for Teachers and Teacher Aides upon request. This training is supplied by registered trainers with TAE qualification. Both trainers have extensive experience in delivering quality programs to teachers, teacher aides and parents in a school setting and in VET programs with Registered Training Authorities. see testimonials Active Education can tailor the programs to suit the requirements of the site and context of the participants. This is an exciting opportunities for professional to broaden their skill and knowledge base. For further information please contact us



Reading: Practical Ideas for Parents                                                        Special $1

A simple ebook which empowers parents to support their child to learn to read in the home. Proven strategies that encourage the child to become an independent reader without all the tears. Find out how to get your child reading less like a robot and sound more like talking. Simple steps to help them to comprehend what they are reading. See what parents had to say testimonials


"Since following the seven reading strategies with my children I have noticed major positive changes in their reading abilities.

My son now scans the book before we read it and checks for any ‘tricky’ words. Following just this simple step alone has made a huge difference in the enjoyment of the book. By checking for these ‘tricky’ words prior to him actually reading means he doesn’t have to stop and stumble. He now actually reads ‘like he is talking’ all on his own. It is rare for me now to have to tell him to ‘make it sound like talking’ as he is doing this when he reads now."

Parent: Shauna Blatt 

Reading 3-5 year olds: Practical Ideas for Parents Special $1

A comprehensive review of how as a parent, grandparent or reading mentor can support the growth of literacy in children aged 3-5years. It covers material about how the process continues into functional literacy and discusses the areas of oral literacy, reading and writing. Find out how you can begin and continue to provide your child with a rich and fertile literacy grounding and how you can build imagination, language and critical comprehension. This is a must read for all parents and teachers or teacher aides.

Maths: Practical Ideas for Parents Special $1

Practical maths ideas and strategies on how you can build your child's confidence and understanding of maths in the home. It is simple. Quick effective ways you can incorporate into your everyday activities with your child to invite them to problem solve and think mathematically. This even covers the questions you could ask to help your child to work through maths questions and how to build confidence while you do this. Find out how to encourage your child to estimate. This and lots more.


Buy Flower Essences Online 

Healing Cards by Gitama Day

           New Product Line 2011

           For Practitioners

           For Parents and their children

 "For working with children I would especially like to mention my 'I AM' Pools of Light Ascended Masters and Angels cards. I myself have worked with several children with these cards with positive and  lasting results....Why?  The images are created from fractals then into mandalas, These patterns seem to really resonate with children. They also work on a very similar vibrational level to Masarau Emoto's water crystal images."   Kindly offered by Gitama Day

I think these are wonderful resources for practitioners, parents and teachers alike. Just allow the child to select the card that they like, let them take some time to look at the card and "absorb" it. Then they may wish to sleep with that card, do a healing drawing or just being with the card has been enough for the healing to take place. I will be using these cards in my clinic with balances so why not book an appointment now. Thank you


Greeting Cards $34.95

Crystal Spirits $34.95

'I AM' Pools of Light $69.95

Postage FREE in Australia

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Learning Styles

Each of us has a favourite learning style. It is the way we learn to do a new activity best. Our courses are based on visual, auditory and kineasthetic learning as these processes working freely allow the child to interact with their learning in a very self empowering way. Brain integration is an integral part in assuring the child can easily access new information by retrieving stored information and finding effective and independent ways to link the known to the unknown.


Mad, mad, mad Max the Learner!! ...

... Everybody loves him, his antics and his tricks.  See what mischief happens to Max when he sings one of his favourite songs all about learning. Go Max!!


If one of these learning processes are blocked then specialists may be required to assist with specific programs such as the LEAP kinesiology program, Paediatrician Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Vision Therapy and Speech Therapy and the Virtues Project. Please see Articles tab for specific material related to finding these practitioners. It is best to go through the specific specialist registered site to find a qualified, registered practioner in your area.

"Thank you for your support, through the reading program. We have noticed unbelievable changes in her confidence and her ability to use the reading strategies. We have gone up 6 reading levels and she really enjoys her reading now.  Thanking you."

Clara Phoebe


Children are often categorised or labelled as 'low achievers', 'gifted students', 'unmotivated'... the list goes on and on. 

What the child needs is a chance of learning and to be given optimal conditions to prove himself/herself.



Think about how your child likes to learn. Observe your children playing and work out what their favourite learning style is. It is important to remember that children having difficulty with processing information in any of the styles often do not have any intellectual problems. For some children processing is easy, for others it is like a minefield that is difficult and tiring to navigate. We discuss simple steps to help parents improve and maintain their child’s learning processes and brain integration.

Active Education runs regular workshops or one-on-one consultations for parents so that you can provide a nurturing learning environment at home. We believe parents are the first and most important teachers, advocates and motivators for their children’s learning. We provide the latest information, research and practical ideas for parents to guide their children along the road to being motivated lifelong learners.


Active Education looks forward to answering your queries, providing you with professional support, advice and feedback. Our mission is to povide quality service that is research based, effective and to improves you and your families experience in your special journey assisting you to have a rewarding and healthy life. I look forward to talking with you. Welcome to Active Education and thank you for taking this time with me.



Our clients say...

'I would recommend all parents with children starting school to attend your Active Education Reading Strategies lecture. I personally have been absolutely thrilled with the results.'

Shauna Blatt


Rule #1
Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Rule #2
It’s all small stuff.

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