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At Active Education, we provide parents and educators in Australia with practical stress-free ideas to support a child’s learning journey.
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We are here to make learning for child a fun experience so that they can gain interest from the beginning.

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Providing Quality Initiatives to Parents and Children
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Learning for a child should be a fun adventure where they quickly and easily grasp new ideas. As children learn new tasks they begin to search for similar knowledge, tasks or skills previously learnt and then apply this information to help them continue to develop their learning journey. Linking learning with other things already known changes a child’s perception, empowers them and therefore they learn more with ease.

Our Trained Teachers

We have a team of trained and highly-professional teachers who works with babies, toddlers, pre school age, school children and teenagers. They also work with families and adults to support a holistic development of learning, perception and brain integration. Their high level of skill in working with families has been built from the personal parenting journey and years in public education along with the clinical knowledge in Kinesiology.

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A Fun Place for parents and children to enjoy educational stories

At Active Education, we provide parents and educators with practical stress-free ideas to support a child’s learning journey. All parents and guardians want to know that their child is doing well at school. You want to know that your child understands how to read, write, problem solve and process information. But sometimes children struggle with the art of learning and processing information. So, don’t be discouraged. Every child is unique and requires attention. With time and the proper techniques, any child can improve. Every flower blooms at its own speed. It only requires the right balance of sunlight, water, shade, and care. Whether you are living in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Sydney, you can easily connect with us and join our online course with your kids during this COVID-19 situation.

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Developing your child’s Education Path!

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Early Learning Behaviours

At Active Education, we offer a range of early learning behaviours guide and training to set the foundation for lifelong education. Our goal is to create curiosity, boost exploration and promote problem-solving skills. We focus on quality education and help young kids develop their cooperation and communication capabilities from an early age. We teach basic aspects such as reading from the left to right, and top-to-bottom to establish and sustain the right learning behaviour.

Independent Reading Behaviours

These are the strategies children use independently to assist them at difficulty to fix a mistake, search for more information from the picture, or by taking an extra look at the word to check if they have used the correct word. They may re-read the sentence to check for meaning. All these behaviours are discussed and parents understand the importance of these and the need to praise all attempts at self correction. Specific praise and prompts encourages their children to become independent readers.

Introducing a new book

It is so important to give your child a rich book introduction. This means talking through the book prior to reading, introducing any tricky language and overviewing the story line of the book. Linking the story to your child’s prior knowledge gives them an easy avenue to understand and access the book. Take five minutes to do this before the child attempts to read a new book.

Our Testimonials

What Parents Say About Us
Sherryl Jennings

" My daughter, in Year 7, was lacking confidence and was struggling at school. Thanks to Active Education, within 10 weeks my daughter’s teacher has commented on more class involvement and greater confidence.


" The writing strategies taught by teachers at Active Education were invaluable for the recent NAPLAN. I have booked 10 lessons with them to allow my kid to progress further with confidence and improve her grades as she will be starting High School next year.


" I want to thank you for running the “Clear Pathways for Kids Learning” course

Shauna Blatt

" My son is a far more confident and expressive reader than he was prior to me attending your presentation, he has a much more enthusiastic approach to reading and towards books in general.

Lisa G

" I have noticed my son is more emotionally balanced. His co-ordination has improved and his self-esteem has increased. For anyone who wants to really know how their child thinks and feels, I’d recommend Active Education.

Cheryl A

" Brad has had difficulties with trying new foods, this started form the age of two and continued to present age ten. Since attending the Kinesiology sessions, he had attempted to try a range of different foods. Brad has been pulling his eye lashes out for the last eighteen months. This has been a concern. Brad feels the sessions helped to relax him.

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