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Parent Programs

  • Strategies to use at home
  • How to choose suitable books
  • Early reading behaviours
  • Building independent readers
  • Self-esteem and improves with improved reading skills


  • Activities to support letter and word identification
  • Stories and homework projects made easy
  • Editing
  • Improving sentence structures when writing
  • Brain storming ideas and brain mapping before writing
  • Spelling
  • Genres (Writing styles such as letters, stories, poems)

Maths problem solving

  • Linking maths and measurements to your home environment
  • Numeration the skill before computation
  • Concrete materials, hands on activities such as games and jigsaws
  • Problem solving is part of our daily lives


  • How do children learn using visual, auditory and kineasthetic learning styles?
  • What about processing problems?
  • What can I do as a parent? Who can help?
  • Nutrition makes your child brainier
  • Brain Integration activities
  • Prior knowledge the key to the treasure chest of your child’s knowledge
  • Posture is important for learning
  • How to keep learning fun and motivate reluctant learners

School Programs

Literacy Improvement programs including;

  • Reading and Writing Strategies
  • Brain Integration Programs
  • Oral Literacy Program
  • Fine Motor Program
  • Active Education Mentor a Reader Program (Parents/Student Program)
  • Active Education Mentor a Buddy Reader Program (Peer/Buddy Student Program)
  • Teacher Aide Rich Book Introduction Program (Teacher Aide/Student Program)
  • Prior Learning- Your child’s secret treasure chest ready to be unlocked.
  • Motivating Learners through games and family activities

1:1 Consultation Kinesiology

  • LEAP program for Learning Difficulties
  • Improved learning capacity
  • Stress release
  • Improved brain integration
  • Emotional release
  • Drug and pain free intervention
  • Improved processing
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