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Miss Jane’s Room – a Active Education Production

A child centred program and Educational Learning Expose of ideas. Exciting and fun allowing children to explore their learning styles, learning how to be an integrated and fascinated learner.

Miss Jane introduces us to Ted E. Bare, Tania, Joe and Mad Max …

… We also meet some of the schoolkids in Miss Jane’s Room.  This story tells of the trials and antics of Ted E. Bare closely watched by the school gang.

Find out who is his best friend.

Have fun, have fun, then have more fun. Also laugh and laugh and laugh!!!

“Everlyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
Albert Einstein (Dyslexic ADHD Extraodinaire)

Healing Cards by Gitama Day

“For working with children I would especially like to mention my ‘I AM’ Pools of Light Ascended Masters and Angels cards. I myself have worked with several children with these cards with positive and  lasting results….Why?  The images are created from fractals then into mandalas, These patterns seem to really resonate with children. They also work on a very similar vibrational level to Masarau Emoto’s water crystal images.”   Kindly offered by Gitama Day

I think these are wonderful resources for practitioners, parents and teachers alike. Just allow the child to select the card that they like, let them take some time to look at the card and “absorb” it. Then they may wish to sleep with that card, do a healing drawing or just being with the card has been enough for the healing to take place. I will be using these cards in my clinic with balances so why not book an appointment now. Please contact me if you wish to purchase cards. Thank you

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Fantastic. Get more information for only $1. Bargain!

Reading: Practical Ideas for Parents $1 PDF Special
Reading 3-5year olds: Practical Ideas for parents    $1 PDF Special
Maths: Practical Ideas for Parents $1PDF Special

Clear Pathways for Kids Learning: A Parent Guidebook    $10 PDF


“Clear Pathways for Kids Learning, 
A Parents Guidebook” 
by John Wakeford
 “A very easy and informative read which has helped me understand how I can effectively assist my children to learn.”
Monica Batiste (Parent)


$10.00 PDF

Kinesiology Services

Kinesiology 1: 1 Consultations delivered by John Wakeford  -Adults/Children

Cost:Special Offer only $40 (40mins)

**Pensioner Card Holders $35 (30mins)

Initial Consultation $90.00 (90mins)

Further Consultations $70.00 (60mins)

Health Care Rebate Approved

Registered Kinesiologist and Registered Health Care Provider with ATMS #19911

(Australian Traditional Medicine Society)

**Note: Pension Card holders must bring the Pension Card to the session. Thank you.

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Active Education Tutoring@Bribie Island

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Save by purchasing 10sessions of Tutoring (saving $100)

Is your child struggling to learn at school?

Have you received a report that
highlights your child
is having difficulties with learning?
Does your child have difficulty
processing and communicating
new ideas and concepts?
Are they avoiding homework
and it is becoming a
every afternoon?
Is their reading sounding like a robot?

Are they having difficulty
with writing and spelling?

Are maths concepts
a mystery and causing tears?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions
then Active Education Tutoring has the solutions and strategies to help you and your child.

John is a qualified specialist teacher.

She has 35 years’ teaching experience in a broad variety of contexts including teaching in England.

Save by purchasing 10sessions of Tutoring (saving $100)


Diploma of Teaching (Primary),

Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Special Education)

Certificate 1V (Kinesiology) LEAP program (Brain Integration)

Certificate 1V Training and Assessment (Adult Education)

Teaching Experience

  • Mainstream classroom
  • Special Education
  • Reading Recovery
  • Music Education
  • Learning Support and
  • Alternative Therapies in Education including Kinesiology

Tutoring Individual/Small Group at Bribie Island

Using her experience as a Specialist Teacher in Education, John works with children and parents in therapy to assess learning difficulties and work with proven intervention strategies to modify learning and improve the child’s strategies to incorporate new concepts and link knowledge to their prior learning. As the child begins to connect to the new learning paradigm they can then more effectively add on new concepts and build learning maps much more rapidly.The key is to find out the strengths and the weaknesses then work out how to effectively link the known to the unknown. John calls this digging trenches or building bridges depending on the child’s own learning style.

About the Tutors
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Cost: $50.00 per hour OR $30 per half hour

$40 per hour for 10sessions purchased online

Active Education Professional Development for Schools,Teachers, Teacher Aides

The training for Teachers and Teacher Aides is specifically for schools or those people who are interested in volunteering at a school or are working towards becoming a Teacher Aide. Programs PD certificates are provided for Teachers and Teacher Aides upon request. This training is supplied by registered trainers with TAE qualification. Both trainers have extensive experience in delivering quality programs to teachers, teacher aides and parents in a school setting and in VET programs with Registered Training Authorities. see testimonials Active Education can tailor the programs to suit the requirements of the site and context of the participants. This is an exciting opportunities for professional to broaden their skill and knowledge base. For further information please contact us Price on Application

Active Education Parent Seminars

  • Learning made Easy overviews the importance of understanding the learning environment and your child’s learning strategies including processing  visual, auditory and kineasthetic modes. You will gain an understanding of how the integration of this process in the brain is paramount to how your child’s ability to learn, communicate and problem solve. Further the importance of linking learning to prior knowledge, making it fun and removing issues around homework and projects. Keep learning fun, easy and simple. This course will show you how. Critical nutrition research that will help your child to improve processing and reduce fatigue and improve behaviour are also overviewed. Processing 
  • Reading Strategies to use at home includes introducting a new book to your child to enhance understanding and link prior knowledge. Simple reading strategies for early readers to create independent readers who cannot wait to grab another book to share with you. Go to testimonals to read the amazing results parents have had with using these simple strategies. Reading
  • Writing, writing and more writing every day activites embedded in your family routines; from shopping lists to emails, cards and stories. We find out about the various styles of writing ‘genres’ and how to easily show simple models of these styles and assist your child to competency across a social communication tool. Then we share ideas of how to improve spelling, structure and complexity of sentences and punctuation. Writing
  • Maths for the home environment links vital concepts such as counting and understanding numbers to team work in games and problem solving strategies. Persistence and resistence to failure are the keys to happy, confident learners who thrive on challenges and celebrate their learning journey. Measurement is a simple access to maths in your home including measuring the dog to cooking a cake to distances travelled in the car.
  • Rule #1 Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Rule #2 It’s all small stuff

Cost: $25.00 per person per course (4 courses available)

Full set of 4 Courses $80 save $20

Course Sessions TBA on application

PDF copies of “Clear Pathways for Kid’s Learning” and Workbook included when all four seminars purchased.

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 Healing Products

 Kinetic Energen Patches (Dan McNair)

Cost: Available only with Consultation Articles

 Flower Essences  

Rose of Raphael (Kalina Rose)

Innate Flower Essences

A Rescue Remedy specifically made for you can be a composite of both kit essences

Cost: $15.00 per bottle (Plus postage and handling-$2 per bottle)

(Please note that a phone or email conversation is required to select essences this is a free service)

Buy Flower Essences Online 

Miss Jane sings of the power of spirit and how it has shaped her life …

… a beautiful song with personal images of her journey.

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