Parent Seminars


Active Education Seminars Over four sessions expand your understandings and skills. Empower yourself with a DIY set of simple methods that as a parent  or grandparent you can build a repetoire of parenting skills, develop a closer bond with your child and substantially increase your child's ability to read, write, improve maths concepts and problem solving. These are also suitable for people interested in becoming a Teacher Aide and gaining valuable skills.

Understand how to support your child to learn faster, easier and more effectively with information on learning, nutrition, motivation, processing and learning styles (visual, auditory,kineasthetic) Monitor your child's processing and check for difficulties.

Signposting to other support professionals such as Kinesiologists, Occupational Therapists, Chiropractors, Behavioural Optometrists, Speech Pathologists and more.

Introductory Learning Seminar: The courses currently available include an introductory talk about children’s learning styles, processing, nutrition and brain integration. It provides you with clear guidelines on how to identify a processing problem, how to best link learning to your child’s own knowledge base and what foods and exercises can improve your child’s learning capacity.

Active Education Reading Seminar: The Reading course provides you with simple clear instructions on how to support your child to learn to read. I have had the results with one parent whose child improved 12months in reading age in 8 weeks following my guidelines. This child was previously at risk in his literacy learning. Similarly parents have said now their kids love to read whereas previously they were hiding their reading homework.

Active Education Writing Seminar: The Writing course builds on the reading but linking it easily to writing and how to best support your child. In the early years up to age 8 what a child can easily write they can easily read. Practical suggestions on getting your child to write and learn how to spell are included. The more they write the easier they can read. Learning letters and words and writing for a purpose i.e. a letter, recipe, shopping list. All suggestions are linked to things you can do at home about information your child is interested in. Improving your child’s writing with simple editing steps is overviewed. How to make school projects easy rather than battle grounds is included.

Active Education Maths Seminar: The Math’s course works through everyday math’s situations that arise at home and how you as a parent can include math’s homework into the shopping, cooking, sewing and for the Dad’s the tool shed jobs. Children need to see that math’s is a practical daily problem solving issue. We have to juggle finances, work out food portions, project measurements. These are all valuable learning experiences for children to understand how math’s works and why it is so important in our daily interactions. Numeration or place value of numbers is also included ie 3489 =3000 + 400 + 80 + 9. I have found overviewing this with parents makes them see how easy it is to help their child with math’s homework.



Our clients say...

'I would recommend all parents with children starting school to attend your Active Education Reading Strategies lecture. I personally have been absolutely thrilled with the results.'

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