Parent Letters and Course Comments

 Emotions and Learning Seminar Comments 2009

Hi! We had a great time on Tuesday night and I must admit that I have been a lot calmer with Tygah when things start to get out of control. Scott even practiced those techniques on Brittanie! So much of what John said was so simple when you take the time to think about what's happening in a situation. I just hope we have a better year with the little man, including when he is at family day care!!!!! 

                                        Cheers,Peta and Scott

Parents Play Patch Family Day Care, Mackay

"From beginning to end it was brilliant."


"Reading strategies especially check the picture I didnt realise how important that was. I just wish we knew this when my child was in Grade 1"


"Applying the strategies and being able to help my child when they run of the rails at home."


Dear John

I want to thank you for running the “Clear Pathways for Kids Learning” course.

I came because I wanted to help with my children’s education – mainly assisting with homework and reading. Even though my kids worked quite well, I was tired of fighting with them to do it and the head on the table thing.

You brought to my attention the different styles of learning and behaviours to be aware of and of course – we learn in different ways and learning can be fun!

Now, having this background knowledge, I suspected eye problems and took both of my boys for a behavioural optometry assessment. What an experience! Both boys now have glasses because they were over focusing. Their attitude and schooling has improved and best of all they are not so tired and grumpy in the afternoons when doing homework.

Learning can be fun!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us…..

          Grateful parents
          Louise and Nick Buiatti


Dear John,

I attended your Active Education presentation on Reading strategies.

I would like to thank you most sincerely for the wealth of valuable information you so generously shared in just a few short hours.

Since following the seven reading strategies with my children I have noticed major positive changes in their reading abilities.

My son now scans the book before we read it and checks for any ‘tricky’ words. Following just this simple step alone has made a huge difference in the enjoyment of the book. By checking for these ‘tricky’ words prior to him actually reading means he doesn’t have to stop and stumble. He now actually reads ‘like he is talking’ all on his own. It is rare for me now to have to tell him to ‘make it sound like talking’ as he is doing this when he reads now.

My son is a far more confident and expressive reader than he was prior to me attending your presentation, he has a much more enthusiastic approach to reading and towards books in general.

I feel far more confident that I am helping my children to help themselves when we read at night.

I would recommend all parents with children starting school to attend your Active Education Reading Strategies lecture. I personally have been absolutely thrilled with the results.

Once again, Thank you so very much.

Yours Sincerely
Shauna Blatt

Kinesiology Clinic (Parent Comments)

Since seeing John for Kinesiology I have noticed my son is more emotionally balanced.  His co-ordination has improved and his self-esteem has increased.  John has given me great insight into the causes underlying his trouble areas and given me practicaly suggestions on how to overcome them.  For anyone who wants to really know how their child thinks and feels, I'd recommend seeing John.

Lisa G (parent) Alex age 8


Brad has had difficulties with trying new foods, this started form the age of two and continued to present age ten.  Since attending the Kinesiology sessions with John he had attempted to try a range of different foods.  Brad has been pulling his eye lashes out for the last eighteen months.  This has been a concern.  After seeing John he has stopped doing it.  Brad has improved in his school report card.  Brad feels the sessions helped to relax him.

Cheryl A (parent) Brad age 10


Before Trevor started with the kinesiology sessions I found he was not able to process more than one directive.  After a few sessions he is able to perform several tasks.  He still needs to concentrate on the directives he has been given but is able to complete them given time.  After each Kinesiology session Trevor was a lot calmer and more assertive.  In all I feel the Kinesiology sessions have helped Trevor's learning process.  Thank you John for everything you have done, you have gone above and beyond your call of duty and for this I am very appreciative.

Kaylene R (parent) Trevor aged 12

Parent Post Course Comments

  • "All very relavent especially for early years, the reinforcing of the reading strategies great"
  • "All of it brilliant"
  • "Reading strategies especially check the picture I didnt realise how important that was. I just wish we knew this when my child was in Grade 1"
  • "Applying the strategies and being able to help my child when they run of the rails at home."
  • "The reading strategies, it is good having guidelines to follow that correspond with what they are learning at school"
    "Reading strategies, it gave me a lot of good advice that should now make reading/homework fun"
  • "Encouraging self correction is important"
  • "I found out about the independent reading behaviours to help my child in Year 2"
    "Concentrating on the story not the word break down"
  • "How quickly can you arrange courses for writing and maths. Excellent course. Can’t wait for the next one"
  • "Reading strategies and different learning abilities"
  • "The section that includend not to emphasize on sounding out, very helpful"
  • "Learning about commending self correction was interesting"
  • "Have fun, sometimes its easy to forget"
  • "Using magnetic letters for word formation. Whiting on and chopping up stories and doing transformations. Setting punctuation as boundaries.
  • "Transformations, self-correcting in writing. The steps of mixing up magnetic letters. Having the child fix the word then write the word to fluency then find it in a book... "dig the trench". Loved that!!!"
  • "Forming sentences using oral language and string sentence work."
  • "From beginning to end it was brilliant."


Book Reviews

"Clear Pathways to Kids Learning", is a refreshing look at how kids learn. This book offers us plenty of tools to make learning easier for children of all ages. It covers the basics plus so much more. I thoroughly recommend John's book for every parent that wants to make their child’s school years more productive and more enjoyable.”

Monica Batiste. (Parent)

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Clear Pathways for Kids Learning’ It helped me to understand the problems my daughter was having and how to best help her. I found the book very easy to read and most helpful.”

Doreen Gagel (Parent)

Rich Book Introduction Program (Parent Comments)

This program involves a trained mentor (teacher/teacher aide) who can take an accurate running record (training provided) Junior students targeted with 10 x 15minute lessons using class readers and Active Education Reading Strategies. Students between levels 6-8 (RR levels) are mentored 1:1 with trained mentor.  Students are expected to show accelerated progress with two lessons provided each week for 5 - 6 weeks. The target is accurate, phrased and fluent, independent reading with 90% or above accuracy and self-correction rate of 1:4 on a level 13-15 (RR Levels) A parent observation lesson is suggested to reinforce the program strategies at home.



Dear John

I am very impressed with Michael's reading. He is really showing more interest and is reading out everyday things like signs, grocery packets and words on TV. Than you so much for the extra reading help and coaching Michael. I have noticed a huge improvement not only with his reading but with his confidence and interest in books as well. Taking the time to show me how to work with him was also very beneficial and has already helped me read with him in a more constructive way. The program you provide is excellent.

Many thanks

Jane Schofields



I would like to thank John and the excellent reading program my daughter has partaken in. She has come from being an unconfident and robotic reader to a fluent and expressive storyteller. Not only has this improved her understanding in other areas, eg homework, but I believe she understands and enjoys reading alot more. In fact she won't stop reading! This program gives children the opportunity to read well.

Yours Sincerely

Chris Moner




Thank you for your support, through the reading program. We have noticed unbelievable changes in her confidence and her ability to use the reading strategies. We have gone up 6 reading levels and she really enjoys her reading now.

Thanking you

Clara Pheobe


Mentor a Reader Program Comments (Parent Mentors)

This program involves parents who have been trained in the Active Education Reading Strategies and students identified as requiring extra support with their reading. Mentors are given an extra hours training above the initial session where further teaching prompts are provided and overviewed. Mentors provide 1-2 hours of mentoring per week and are aligned with three students whom they work with 1:1 for 20minutes.



I have enjoyed doing the Mentor a Reader program. It has been rewarding to see the great progress the children are making.

I have been especially happy with the improvement in my son's reading. At the beginning of this year he was reading at a level 8 now he is reading at a level 15.

The greatest benefit is that now he wants to read and is reading whatever he can. Before I had to force him to read his home readers.His attitude changed instantly as soon as we started using the rules you taught us. Now he loves reading.

Thank you

Deirdre Dilliah



The Mentor a Reader program is working very well. We do reading classes Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and the arms go up to be the first to read!

The training you have so kindly provided has been wonderful. As an adult we take reading and writing for granted but through the Active Education program I am looking at words and letters through the eyes of a 5 year old and reminded just how difficult reading and writing can be for some children.

Now knowing some of the basics eg. words beginning with a capital look completely different to the same word with all lower case and remembering to keep it 'fun' with lots of encouragement and praise.

It has been wonderful for me to see the children progress and see their faces 'beam' when they get something right and are praised!

I would very much like to continue into semester 2 with this class.

Many, many thanks again for all your time in helping all of us use the strategies.

Trudy Cassing


 Dear John

I’ve been involved with the Active Education Mentor a Reader Program working with three Year 2 children for around four weeks. In that time I have seen great improvement and confidence with their reading.I only work once a week with them, but I’m sure if that was more frequent the results would be increased a lot sooner, but they are doing very well.

I have been using the program at home with my son who is also in Year 2.

His reading level was only Level 5 when we started, but over the last 3-4weeks I’ve seen an incredible improvement in his reading. He is now on a level 12 and is reading very well. His confidence has improved greatly. He is very proud of his reading and so are we.

I think it is a wonderful program for any child with reading difficulties.

The results speak for themselves.

Kind regards, 
Jenny Halliday



Our clients say...

"The reading strategies, it is good having guidelines to follow that correspond with what they are learning at school"

Louise Buiatti


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